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RECEITAS: Como fazer um Apple (passo-a-passo)

Now that’s an Apple Pie!

Apple Pie-31

With a little help from a square springform pan, you too can have an Apple apple pie for dessert!

Apple Pie-0

We’re certainly not the first to put an Apple logo on a pie, but we think this implementation raises the bar a bit. Unlike a regular pie, you need to start with the top piece since you need to use the pan as a cookie cutter before you line it with dough. Roll out your dough for the top, and press springform frame onto it to get the right shape.

Put the dough on a piece of waxed paper for cutting.

Apple Pie-17

Using a lattice across the shape keeps it from deforming too much as it bakes. You can cut out the logo with a hobby knife or a carefully formed cookie cutter. We went alpha-geek on it and put it in the 45 watt carbon-dioxide laser.

Apple Pie-21

After removing the excess pieces, cover the top with waxed paper and refrigerate while preparing the rest of the pie.

Apple Pie-8

Apple Pie-23

The steep square sides of the springform require a little extra dough and care. Your top piece probably didn’t use as much dough as a regular top, so you can add that to your bottom to make up the difference. To keep the dough from falling inwards before you add the apples, it helps to drape some dough over the edges of the pan.

After the apples are in, trim the dough evenly. Fold the edges inwards and press them down until they are level with the apples.

Apple Pie-24

The chilled top can be lowered onto the pie. Press the edges down onto the pie dough below. It’s ready for the oven!

Apple Pie-27

The fine lattice came out incredibly well with minimal breakage.


Fonte: Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

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